WTS: HRAP3 with Sanwa/Plexi/ Special Dustcover($130) + Dual Mod Service

Hey Srk’ers

I have a fresh PS3 HRAP mod up for sale with White Sanwa buttons and a Balltop to go with it. I also have the famous Art’s Plexi Panel and Arrow Dustcover to go with it. It will be 130 dollars since I’m not looking to make any profit on the controller, just earning back my material cost. The condition of the controller is in mint condition! Comes with original packaging for the controller. Drop me a PM if anyone is interested.




Bump for goemon and the mystical ninja crew!! Good luck with sale!


Bumped. Help a brotha out!

what system is this for?


good luck with the sale! nicely modded

That game was actually pretty fun.

Dude, awesome joystick on every level! If you don’t mind me asking, where did you get that dust cover? I’d love one or two of them for my sticks.

@ Alec, those are Arthong’s custom dustwashers.

The Hrap is for the PS3.

i was kidding, but i was also half shocked that someone hadn’t already asked

bumped. :smiley:

bumped again with a price drop.

Pretty please?

if only it was a namco.

bumped again. wow.

Pending sale to Acllaim


zomg love that artwork remember that snes game was so BADASS

Final Price Bump.

I’ll bump this shit cause it looks way nice. I can’t believe it hasn’t sold.