WTS Huge Video Game Sale! Hori Sticks and All! UPDATED

Hello my fellow SRK-ers I’m Selling Almost My whole room to try to make at least $1000 by Friday, I’m in a little debt that I need to get out of and I’m posting my stuff here first since most of my stuff deals with fighting games. I’m Only Accepting Paypal right now, and I can’t hold items. If you want an item get ready to pay for it. Most of the stuff I have are in there original boxes also. So here we go:karate:
P.S Every Item sold would have a tracking # So you guys can track them thank you.

Hori Arcade Stick Pro EX wit Custom White Sanwa Buttons and White ball top
$120.00 Plus $10 Shipping SOLD

Hori Arcade Stick Pro 3 wit Custom Black/Grey Sanwa buttons with Gray ball top
$110.00 Plus $10 Shipping SOLD

Hori Fighting Stick 3 for the PS3
$35.00 Free Shipping SOLD

Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Exar Stick Mint Never Used
$50.00 Plus $5.00 Shipping [COLOR=“Lime”]Lowered[/COLOR] SOLD

Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Arcade Stick Mint
$60 Plus $5 Shipping SOLD

Japanese Nintendo Wii Console with Wii Sports, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and Naruto Shippuuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX Barley Used
$250.00 Plus $15 Shipping Lowered

Nintendo GameCube Console First Edition with Component Port and Cables Included
2 GC Controllers, GBA Player, and BoardBand adaptor. Also with it The legend of Zelda Twilight Princess game Sealed with Collectors Book Sealed also.
$100 Plus $10 Shipping **Lowered **

Sega Saturn Duo Astro Cab Stick It’s a little faded on the right side but plays great! Also sad to see it go :crybaby: I paid almost more than $500 for this…
$400 Free Shipping **Lowered ** SOLD

Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Game Pads for Ps2/Xbox mint
Each of them $20 Free Shipping

M. Bison Game Pad
Akuma Game Pad

Chun li Game Pad SOLD
Ken Game Pad
Akuma Game Pad

Nintendo Wii/Playstation 3 MayFlash VGA Cables Audio Cable Included Never Used
$20 Plus $3 Shipping Lowered SOLD

Xbox 360 Pro Console HDMI with Street Fighter 4 Skin/Faceplate. Barley Used I use my PS3 more brought this Xbox like around November 08
1 Xbox 360 White Controller wit rechargeable battery
1 Component and audio cable
1 Power Supply
1 Xbox Live Head Set
1 120 GB HDD
1 Normal HDMI Cable
1 Quick Charge Battery Stand
1 Xbox 360 mini Keyboard
The Orange Box Game
$250 Plus $15 Shipping Lowered

Xbox 360 White Controller wit rechargeable battery
$35 Free Shipping Lowered

Xbox 360 Black Controller wit rechargeable battery
$35 Free Shipping Lowered

Xbox 360 Pink Controller wit rechargeable battery Maybe For your Lady :wink:
$35 Free Shipping Lowered

Street Fighter 4 Xbox 360 Game Like New SOLD
$40 Free Shipping Lowered

Resident Evil 5 - Limited Edition Box Set Xbox 360 Like New
$40 Free Shipping Lowered SOLD

Devil May Cry 4 - Limited Edition Xbox 360 Like New SOLD
$25.00 Plus $5 Shipping

Gears of Wars 1 & 2 - Limited Edition Xbox 360 mint SOLD
$50 Plus $5 Shipping Lowered

Halo 3 Legendary Edition Xbox 360 mint SOLD
$40 Plus $5 Shipping Lowered

Assassin’s Creed Limited Edition Xbox 360 like New
$25 Free Shipping

Soul Calibur 4 Xbox 360 Like New
$20 Free Shipping

Ninja Gaiden II Xbox 360 like New SOLD
$15 Free Shipping

Virtua Fighter 5 Online Xbox 360 like New
$15 Free Shipping SOLD

Mag Innovation LT916s 19" LCD Monitor Works great anyone that needs an extra monitor
**$50 Plus $15 Shipping ** Lowered
More Info here:


Xbox 360 HD DVD Player with Remote and Movies Cables are Included
$60 Plus $10 Shipping SOLD

-Batman Begins
-The Phantom of the Opera
-The Fast and Furious
-The Fast and Furious Tokyo Dirft
-40 Year Old Virgin
-Hot Fuzz
-Shaun of the Dead
-The Last Samurai
-Clerks 2
-The Frighteners
-The Bourne Indentity
-The Bourne Ultimatum
-Heroes Season 1 Box Set
-Matrix Trilogy Box Set


PSX to USB Convertor Only works on PC Good for Street Fighter 4
$10 Free Shipping

Playstion 2 Network Adaptor Also Including For Free a 30 GB HDD
**$50 Plus Shipping $5 ** SOLD

Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adaptor mint
$55 Plus $5 Shipping SOLD

Street Fighter Anniversary Collection Xbox Works with Xbox 360 Mint
$20 Free Shipping

pm sent

i’ll take ninja gaiden ii. i’ve been wanting to play this game since i got a 360.

send me a PM with your paypal e-mail address, please. :china:

pm’d for Hori Fighting Stick 3 for the PS3 and sfac

Those Astro City Dual sticks are awesome, wish I had the money to shell out for one of those.GL with the sales.

PMed for HRAP Ex.

PM’ed for SFAC stick, just in case it isn’t taken already.

PM’d for FS3 if not already taken!

Damn Hori EX already sold.

PM Sent

Damn fine collection sir! Good luck with everything.

Nice prices. Good luck with your sale, and I hope you make your goal.

The Street Fighter 15th anniversary stick is for the ps2 correct?

PM replied and money sent for the SFAC stick.

Must… resist … temptation to buy virtua stick pro… ugh. If I don’t buy it good luck with the sale.

Is your hss 0130 bone stock?

Wait what? I dibs the SFAC before Vince?

lol I hope he has more then one, I posted/pmed first on this thread and sent $$ for the SFAC stick a while ago, he just didnt update the page yet with what sold.

Is that Mayflash vga cable wii + HDMI so it can be used on HDMI 360 consoles as well?

No just for the Wii and The Ps3, Not for the 360.

I apologize someone already brought the SFAC

Yea it’s normal buttons and stick, Original factory product.

Come on it’s calling your name, it wants you to play with it :rofl:

I’m by $235 now I still need $765 left :sweat: