WTS: Ichiro Suzuki Sanwa Custom Xbox360 Joystick


Willing to sell a custom poplar wood joystick with Sanwa parts. (JLF stick and OBSF buttons). Has a plexi-glass top and Ichiro Suzuki Seatle Mariners poster artwork underneath.

6 buttons, and start + back, guide button.

PCB is from a wired official Xbox360 pad and wires are all fitted with quick disconnects.

Price: $155 shipped anywhere within USA or Canada.


That is an awesome stick. Good luck man.


Can you post dimensions of stick?


14" wide, 10" long, 2" height.

Very similar size to the Madcatz TE stick. Perfect for lap play.



The only reason I’m parting with it is cus I’m moving out and need money for rent lmao.

EDIT: I also have a stock Namco joystick (just the joystick) for sale, $16 shipped.


how much does the joystick weigh?


2.5 Kilograms


price dropped.

This stick must go!