WTS: Import (JPN) Saturn/PSX/GC games - take a look!


Okay, rummaging around found some games I purchased new, from NCS and a few other sites, and one from a local shop in northern Va. I’m done with em, you can enjoy them now.

Gamecube (JPN)
-Naruto: Gekit? Ninja Taisen 2
(It comes with no book, just the disc, but somehow I have the book for number 4 of the series if you want.)

Asking 6 bucks shipped.

-Battle Arena Toshinden 2 Plus
(Black bottom JPN PSX disc with book and even the little piece of paper that was on the outside of the case when it was in plastic)

Asking 3 bucks shipped.

Sega Saturn (JPN) (SOLD)
-Virtua Fighter Remix

Asking 7 shipped

Sega Saturn (JPN) - (SOLD)
-Dead or Alive
(comes with the sleeve that goes around the disc case, and the special “visual book”)

Asking 6 bucks shipped

Zero 2 (SOLD)
Puzzle Fighter 2 X (SOLD)


Bump, added Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X


Monthly bump ? (if something is over priced, let me know)

I’m open to trades for some buttons or something… whatever is good


I’ll take Super Puzzle Fighter 2 X off your hands if you still have it.
let me know here are in an email: myktek@gmail.com


I’ll take Street Fighter Zero 2. PM paypal info~


Puzzle Fighter sold to Meus (wow between canada and paypal, I can get a delux meal at fast food…)


Shipping Zero 2 to tha_killerahz today, after work…


couple of days bump?
Zero 2 was shipped saturday the 21st.


Bump for the hotness. Love those games but already have them. Great games, someone buy XP


Just sent a PM for DoA.


replied and looking for a sale of DOA to aggro crag… only time will tell =)


Sold DOA, and VF Remix to Aggro Crag - received payment, shipping Friday morning the 27th of Aug.


Family business, blah blah, personal sob story, couldn’t ship today, doing it tomorrow with the other items sold to other buyers.
-sending pm to aggro crag to let him know of the delay.


Toshinden and Naruto are still available… and bump ?