WTS: IMPORT RARE CECHA00 60gb Playstation 3 Backwards Compatible Japanese + Extras


Selling my Backwards compatible Japanese playstation 3 meaning this works perfect with all your import Ps1 and Ps2 titles. It is hardware backwards compatible, I believe these were the first Ps3’s manufactured. It has multi media ports 4 usbs on the front etc. The system is mint barely got time to play on it. Im going to throw in Street Fighter 4 Vanilla. Also remember Ps3 games are region free. BTW I AM THE ORIGINAL OWNER!

Well it comes with.

1 x sixaxis controllers
1 x hdmi cable
1 x component cable
Official sony Ethernet Cable
US Street Fighter 4

Comes with box as well and all original manuals.

Im looking for 270.00 shipped or obo. let me know ill have pics up soon.

I updated it to include only one controller got to find the other one lol.



you don’t see many of those very often. gl with your sale.


replied to everyone


Price Drop!


whats your location?


His from New York i think.


no pics.

no sale.


Is it HARDWARE or SOFTWARE BC? If your not sure, could you give a Model number?


60GBs were CECHAxx


Is that a Universal number or are the JAP ones different than the US ones? ( I would assume yes due to different SKU’s)


^Negative. I just checked my Japanese 60GB, it’s CECHAxx. XD Don’t assume. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pictures price drop and only inclluding one controller.


BC with US ps1/2 games also or just imports?




What he said. CI581 thanks for the help lol I should give you a cut


sounds good to me. XD


Price drop 280


Price drop 270 shipped!!