WTS: Inpin Converters $25 Shipped, Korean Parts *Price Drop*


I was over in Korea recently and brought some extra stuff back for sale.

All shipped prices are to US only. Paypal prefered. Feel free to pm me about international shipping and other methods of payment. Thanks for looking!

:r:InPin Converters $25 shipped to the US. $23 for each additional one. 3 left


Korean Parts and Panels.

All parts are new unless otherwise noted.

A couple notes about the panels… They all have a protective screen over the sticker which you can peel off. They aren’t scratched up. Also, they are six button panels, but I didn’t punch out the first two buttons in case you wanted to leave them like that. You can see what I mean in the pics.

The buttons are all snap in cwb 203 a’s. They have no click whatsoever, and engage a little before halfway. They aren’t like the cwb 203 c’s, which do have a noticeable click. They are all new from crown, but they store them in these big bags, so the faces of the buttons are not perfectly scratchless. Also, i’m told they fit the small .110 quick connects, but I haven’t tried it myself yet

And as to the sticks, I got mostly myoungshin fantas as I figured that’d be most popular. However the new crown 303’s feel really good. They are way better than the old ones, which had abysmal diagonals. The gersung switches and larger actuator made a big difference, and now these sticks are the official tekken 6 sticks. As to the stiffness, it varies from stick to stick, I have soft and harder myoungshin fantas and crown 303’s. They are really probably about the same, but as a whole, the crowns might be a touch softer. The microswitch engagements are also pretty much the same, with the same size daigonals. In the end, I don’t know which stick I like better, they are both about the same to me.

Here are some pics of the sticks for comparison, crown 303 on the right



Anyway, onto the parts for sale:


:r:Myoungshin Fantas $20 shipped Green only
:r:Crown 303 Green $20 shipped Green only

:r:Crown Populated Control Panel: $75 Shipped

Comes with everything shown:

New Crown Control panel with sticker
2X joysticks (myounshin fanta or crown 303’s)
18x cwb a buttons (6 blue, 6 red, 6 yellow)
Joystick mounting screws (not shown)



Also, I might have some individual sticks up for sale here soon, as well as some used single player sega net city control panels. I need to clean those up a bit first though. Check back later if that’s of interest.


Price Change bump

I may be intersted on one of those , pm me if you do sell them

how much for a 303?

on the astro city panel do you have the case to go along with it?

prices updated

sent a payment for a inpin converter

Any sticks still in stock?

^^ yeah, everything is in stock