WTS: Ipod Touch,First Strike Map Pack code, Waste of Flesh T-shirt

8gb, ipod touch, 3rd gen i believe. Just bought it last year and still has another year of warranty on it and its in great condition. Has a screen protector so the screen as well is in great condition too. $160

Also trading the code for the new “First Strike” map pack which has 4 new maps and the new zombie map pack Ascension for a copy of SSF4 for ps3. [sold]

Now selling Waste of Flesh T-shirt that comes with the pre-order of MvsC3. $20 [sold]

Looking for an arcade stick, preferably Te-s if not then Round 2. Not trading ipod but willing to do a deal with other 2 items.

Now trading the Black ops First strike map pack code

Still available

Still selling


Offered up a trade via PM. Doubt it’s of interest, but thought I’d try anyway.

Responded, still looking to sell

Updated, now selling Waste of Flesh tshirt and price drop on Ipod

Specs on the iPod
How many GB?
What is it Classic, Nano, Touch?
What Generation is it?

what size is the shirt?

@stier - thanks…thought i put that info in there v-v;

@C1581 - Large

still selling

has the shirt been worn or washed?

Nope, just took it out of the box, looked at it and put it back in the box ^^

PM’ed for the shirt.

Sale pending for shirt

Sean, i recieved payment but paypal isnt showing your shipping information so i need you to pm me your details…tried pming you but your inbox is full.

Price drop on Ipod