WTS: Itouch 32gb (newest gen)

A bit of an update on the description.

For one it’s practically new. It’s had a screen protector and chrome shell on since it was purchased so there’s no scratches on the screen. Here’s some info on the shell


Also, this comes the usb sync cable and 3rd gen earphones (the ones with the mic so you can use the “voice control” feature.)
Asking** $210 shipped** in the US. I can take trades but mostly looking for 360 games and accessories.

Pm or post if you have any questions.


what exactly are you wanting in trade?

just whatever the difference is from the cash you got. So if you only have 200, I’d like 40 worth of something like a new game or two older games. I’m wanting MW2, BFC2, Bayonetta, etc, games like those. And for accessories, controls and whatever else you may have. Just give me a list to work with.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

u got the original packaging as well? also is it still under warranty?

I don’t know on the warranty and would just say no since I don’t know. I have the plastic case it came with but I don’t have the box.

Final price drop.

not interested in sticks or stick related stuff, so please don’t ask. Thanks

I still have that giftcard…

Hehe, sold something so I can do one more price drop before giving up. $210 shipped!

still looking for the same games for trade?

I’m pretty good on games now and really looking to just sell but let me know what you got.

ok, cool. i’ll get back to you tomorrow. got one more kids soccer game this afternoon then C-Bus Bar Battles tonight.

All pms replied to and still for sale. :sad:

Free bump!!!