WTS iTouch

Itouch 1st gen 32gig jail broken latest firmware pay pal only

edit Price is 250$ sorry was typing in a rush and had to get going :stuck_out_tongue:

as for condition its got scratches on the back from taken it out of jeans over and over again… (lots of scratches)
and the bottom 2 corners have chips from drops. If you get a case nether of these 2 will be noticed. the touchscreen is perfect as far as i can tell nothing big when it comes to scratches.

i will post up pics later today when i can get my hands on my camera gf has it :stuck_out_tongue:

edit again pictures wont be up for a bit my mom let her friend borrow my itouch :stuck_out_tongue:


how much ? and do you have pics?

you got 24 hours to put a price. Read the rules