WTS:Jamma Arcade Boards

I am offering these items up for sale or trade. Trades will take precedence over cash. I am willing to entertain offers, so shoot me a pm if you are interested. All prices are shipped inside U.S.A.

What I what in order of importance:

Innovation Playstation->Dreamcast converter
Pelican PS2->PS3 converter

What I got:

Jamma arcade boards:

100% working:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles $40
Street Fighter $15
Ninja Gaiden $40


Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors $30
Street Fighter: Zero (JPN) $30
X-Men: Children of the Atom $30

can i have turtles in time plz

^ PM’ed you.

Can I put the no-sound PCB’s on hold and pay you wednesday at midnight? How much will shipping be?

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The audio amplifier on both Mortal Kombat boards require your PSU to supply -5 VDC on the appropriate JAMMA pin in order to produce any sound. Final Fight however shouldn’t require it, not sure about the other two boards.

i’ll take turtles in time if it’s still available

*Edited first post

Boards with no sound - sold
Turtles in Time - Traded

Thanks for the tips Mayhem!

Make some offers on this stuff people! Don’t make me put this stuff on eBay.

Bump for final price drops.

Namco is SOLD!

Can you hold the GC stick for me? I’ll PM too.

You got it Tim.


Anniversary Edition and Soul Calibur sticks still for sale! Added Virtua Stick and CPS2 boards.
Most prices are negotiable so send me some offers!

Price drop on all arcade boards before they go on eBay!

If it is still in this thread, it is still for sale!

Sent you a PM.

PM sent

How much shipped for Martial Champion man? 98032.

^PM’ed you^

PM sent

PMd you.

PM Sent. :wgrin: