WTS: jap buttons, games for dc, psx, nds

Here are some stuff i have for sale. All prices include shipping

Arcade parts:
6x brand new red sanwa OSBN-30 16$


PC The Orange Box (never played) 25$

Street Fighter Alpha 3 20$
Puke Nuken Time to Kill 12$
Pocket Fighters 22$
Wipeout 3 12$

Dreamcast (all games complete):
Mvc1 - 35$
RE: Code veronica - 15$
RE 3: Nemesis - 15$
Crazy Taxi - 10$
Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 - 10$
NFL Blitz 2001 - 10$
WWF Royal Rumble - 10$

Evo 2006 (2 disks) 35$
Niptuck seasons 1,2,3 25$ each

All prices include shipping. I will ship via USPS to the continental US only.

pm sent

Pm Sent

All pm’s replied to

Pics added and price lowered.


Mvc1 and Mvc2 added

which version of mvc1 and 2 are you selling and how much are they

He listed it under Dreamcast.

oh the memories…

Does it work with a DS?

I’ve tried it doesnt fit in the DS. It will fit in a gba though.

Added pelican ps2-ps3 adapter for 40 + shipping

Can I still use the Orange Box CD keys? Also what’s the completion status on JUS?

pm sent

I haven’t used the cd keys for the Orange Box as i never installed the game. I haven’t played JUS either… haha. Also all pm’s replied to

PM sent.

If you can wait until Tuesday (pay day) then I’ll buy JUS and the Orange box.

Ok ill put them on hold til tuesday.

I’m not going to buy Orange box or JUS anymore, but can I buy DMC4 instead?

yea thats fine lol