WTS: jap super turbo board

270 shipped!

Johnhandy (sold)
foolinfection (sold)

1 board left

Forgot to mention they have fresh batteries installed. Will upload pics soon. These are super clean boards. 2 more left!

Alright all are spoken for.

Added a 6th person. I will be getting more boards soon.

Updated list. Have 2 boards left. 1 is still on hold. Will update later. So for now only one board left.

Are these just the B boards or the A + B boards?

Just the b boards. Might get some motherboards for sale in the future.

updated list: 2 boards left. Come n get em!

Last call before eBay gets em

YAJ boards?

You asked me that already. No.

Check PMS. New SRK is ugly for certain things.

Got mine in today. These work, folks. If you’ve been edgy about getting one from here then go for it!!

Got mine in today. Looks good and smooth transaction. :slight_smile:

awesome! glad you like it! only got one more board left! last one. not getting anymore anytime soon :frowning: