WTS: Japanese Sega Saturn + 12 games

Sold items:

Arcana Heart Stick
Hori Real Arcade Pro 1


Model 1 (grey) Japanese Sega Saturn
Composite cable
Power cable (110v)
Saturn controller
I’ll throw in a 220v adapter if you live in a 220v region.

With 12 Japanese games:

Virtual Hydlide plus manual
Greatest Nine plus manual and insert
Deadalus plus manual
Virtua Fighter plus manual (front and back have detached from manual pages), Virtua Fighter Remix insert, move list insert
Virtua Fighter 2
Panzer Dragoon I
Panzer Dragoon Zwei plus manual
Daytona USA
Sega Rally Championships
Virtual Volleyball
Ultimate Revenge Attack USA plus manual
…I can’t be bothered finishing this right now

None of these have cases, these will be shipped in a wallet (shown top right). Most of them have back inserts, but none of them have spines. There’s some noticeable scratches on the console top right which you can see in the light, but the console has never been opened and works fine. The games have light to heavy scratches but they all work.

Asking $90us + shipping.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong but 250$ for an HRAP? I understand it’s rare print but all that’s different (as far I know) is the art and color of the buttons (which would probably be swapped out during a mod anyways).

I’m not hating on the price, just trying to understand.

Its very high imho

Arcana stick is sold. Told you it was rare.

HRAP1 is still available.

No one doubted the rareness, just the logic in price.

Well, I pre-ordered it at Play-Asia which is why I had one. The pre-orders sold out pretty much instantly, and it was never restocked. The only way of obtaining this now out-of-print item would be to use Yahoo! Japan, which would mean using a deputy service.

So you’d have the cost of the original item + shipping to the deputy service’s location in Japan + shipping to you + deputy service fees. I’m not going to bother calculating this but since it’s 2.6 kg I’d say it’d be quite a fair bit.

My question remains: What’s so special about it aside from the artwork?

Edit: this is just for my own curiosity.

nothing. no QDs

Well I have Arcana Heart for PS2, hooked it up to my Jap Arcade Machine and I like it. I would have to say if you are a fan of the game youd be willing to pay a certain price for an original item. To each his own. I somewhat wish I would of got it, but not at that price.

i 've owned one, and sold it a week ago.

it’s pretty much the same as the sc3 hrap and the japanese t5 hrap… meaning it is stocked with sanwa stick and hori buttons (directly soldered to the pcb, lame!).

i agree that $230/$250 is waaaay too much, but if anybody was willing to shell that much cash, good for him.


you have to put a price, forum rules.

Something tells me shipping from New Zealand to North America is gonna be murder.

Wait, did that $250 include shipping?

Yes it did.

For the HRAP1, I’m looking at $150 + whatever shipping. That’s about what I paid for it. Seems fair.

HRAP1 sold. Saturn stuff added.

Price lowered.

Come on, no one wants this?

Ebaying this in a few days if nobody else is interested.