WTS: Jinxz Aluminum Feet, JLF w/Plate & Octogate, Gutted Ascii Case

Got a few extra things to sell around the house. Paypal only and will only ship to the lower 48 states. Shipping is through USPS Priority Mail or their flat rate equivelent depending on the size of the product.

I was inqured from hecz about the JLF, so now I lowered the price and it’s open for trades. I’m currently looking for a Dark Hai meshball or 3 Black Seimitsu PS-14-DNC 24mm Pushbuttons plus whatever spare parts are avaliable. A direct trade is possible for the meshball. If hecz isn’t interested, then the offer is open.

JLF w/ mounting plate & octo-gate. Issue with screws again. - $15 shipped


Ascii DC Stick Case that’s gutted - $20 shipped (Sold)
Set of Jinxz Aluminum Feet with the nuts & bolts - $10 shipped (Sold)
JLF PCB - $6 shipped (Sold)

Please post or PM me if you have any questions

Pm’d for Jinxz.

payment sent

Price drop on JLF.

Another price drop for the JLF

What’s the screw issue?

I stripped one of the damn screws again on these things. Three of them were successfully taken out, the last one got stuck. If you’re looking for a permanent mounting plate, then I guess it will work for you.

Lowered price and updated it with possibilities of trades.

Pm sent for jlf

thanx for holding on. im 99percent sure ill buy this bitch.