WTS JLF link, and PCB'S ls-32


like the title says i have a couple miscellaneous PCB’s amd joysticks

everything has here has only been used a couple times or just tested

my attempt at the dual mod Chimp/TE PCB was almost a success until i got the directions backwards, i just gave up and used a paewang instead. My loss you is your gain IDGF!
35 dollars shipped for the dual mod

for the LS-32 i would like 15bucks each shipped
25bucks shipped for the cthulu

for the link i would like 20 bucks shipped

I can do bundles if you have a reasonable price in mind


I’m interested in your Link and the dual-mod setup. Conversation sent!


dang it Ikagi…lol…you beat me on the ling by like 2min…I sent pm like 2 ,in after u posted LOL…shucks…kicks dirt


Haha. Early bird gets the worm, right? :wink:

If it means anything, hope your SCV TE sale goes through man! :tup:


The SCV TE sold…thanks bro…Now i have a brand new VS stick for PS3 thats for sale


So the only thing wrong with the dual mod is the directions are reversed?


Sorry for the late response guys I fell asleep hella early. Ikagi I pm’d you!

Nothing is wrong with the Dual mod except what I mentioned which I’m sure it’s pure arrogance on my part.

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Interested in Link if it’s still available. If so, please send paypal info.


The link is on hold but the rest is still for sale!

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Link is sold to ikagi

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Dual mod sold.

The seimistu sticks are old school I’m guessing they have just the microswtches instead of the PCB+switches!

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