WTS JLF Parts added balltop

Just like title says shipping is price to ship within US

Used JLF Shaft 6$shipped

Used JLF Mounting Plate 5$ shipped

Used JLF-SP Spring 3.50$ shipped

USED JLF shaft ‘clip’ holds spring in place 2.50 shipped

USED JLF white Balltop few small indentations perfectly usable 3.50$ shipped

everything is OBO but im pretty sure everything is quite fair.

You can’t charge some 1 for paypal fees I believe it’s against paypals policy

“NEW Up to Date Rules: Buyer does NOT cover paypal fees.”

Thats fine.

well some of the other parts are unusable but man you '09rs are pretty fiesty… had enough infractions? lol…

Sorry. Next time I will leave my feelings to myself in the trading outlet.

haha i dont know what the purpose of your previous post was if it wasnt to hint that what he was selling wasnt worth it.

get his back…

or you could just read that everything is OBO, but yet you definitely deserved the neg rep. Notice how i didnt neg rep the first 2 because they were right about the rules. You on the other hand were just trolling.