WTS: Jonyfraze FightStick Cases & More (jonyfraze.com)


Hey Everyone,

I recently started offering blank cases via my site.
Full Build-Out options are also available. I can ship to anywhere in the US. Here’s some examples:





g’luck jony! appreciate what you do here on SRK


damn, beat me to the punch. does the lexan plexi you use for the bottom bend a lot? the optix brand that i get from lowes happens to curve in but i don’t want to risk buying the high end acrylic online due to possible breaks.


Hey @devastator. Funny you say that because I actually switched to Lexan from Optix for the same reason. Lexan being a polycarbonate is a little bit more malleable than acrylic. It also gives me the ability to cut it using a my jigsaw without cracking like the Optix did. It cost significantly more, but it’s worth the extra cost for me - I would usually accidentally crack the Optix and buy another sheet anyway so to me it’s worth the extra cost.


@jonyfraze do you do other button layouts beside Vewlix


Awesome stuff!


You should post different views of your stick cases, namely those of the sides (are there extra holes for things like select/home/start ?)


Do you ship to the United Kingdom? If you do do you know how much that shipping would cost?

Cheers! :smiley:


Reading is fundamental.


Absolutely! What ever you guys need…


Will do! I have all the info posted on my site as well. I can accommodate any requests for extra button holes as well.


pm me an address and I’ll try to get a quote. I have a feeling it’s not going to be cheap though.


Hey Guys just wanted to share a Custom Coffee Table build I just completed:



I was waiting for the pics on IG. hand sign emojis* amazing work


New stick i whipped up for MasterCychi. Naruto Shikamaru theme. Art4mS Tournament Case + Sanwa JLF and Buttons + BrookUFB.




how much extra to have the case painted?


$25 for 1 color


Hey all… I’ll be at ECT this year with a merch table. currently making as many diy blank cases as i can make until the event. Ill be selling them at a special price as well =). if your heading to the to tourney come stop by and say hi!