WTS: Joystick Case w/ Sanwa JLF & Buttons

Looking to sell a Joystick case with (8) Sanwa OBSF Snap-in buttons and a Sanwa JLF.

The ‘back’ , ‘start’ & ‘guide’ buttons are not Sanwa though, they are Sanwa imitations.

There is no PCB inside.

The top part of the case is wood and the bottom part is plastic with 4 suction cups on the bottom. There is plexi glass on top and Xbox 360 button mappings on the graphic held inside of the plexi.
Looking for $110.00 (Shipped) within USA & Canada.**

If you’re just interested in buying the case I’d be willing to sell it alone for $40.00 (Shipped)



Case sold to rcaido

Sanwa parts on hold for Kooper

hold this for me


Fell through. Everything’s still available for sale.

(Case on hold for rcaido and Kooper has dibs on Sanwa parts)