here is my photobucket with all of my cases http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/animefanzmg/

4 Sanwa JLF wIth plate and cable. $24.50 with normal balltop, $23 without balltop. +shipping

2 purple
2 pink
1 light blue
2 violet
2 yellow.
1 orange
1 white
2 green
1 vermillion
2 blue
1 red
2 jlf mounting Plates 2$
extra jlf wiring harnesses 2$
1 Se or JLF mounting plate 2$

1 white competition joystick no dust cover. $5

New screw on OBSN 2.85+shipping
20 red
6 green
New snap in OBSF30 $2.75 each + shipping
6 violet
6 black and grey
1 light blue
12 green
12 vermillion
1 white
1 white and grey
1 Dark blue
6 Purple seimitsu clear screw ons. 21$

Buy a case with parts and get a discount.

super mario bros deluxe 5$ GBC
Pokemon Gold 10$
metroid zero mission 12$ sticker pealing off.

good hackable psx pad 8$+shipping
Fate Stay/Night Pc Game like new 45$+shipping
Type moon ace 2 and fate strange fake 10$+ shipping

Curly Bubinga $90

1" hard maple 95$

Mini Cherry and paduk stick 85$

Purple Heart $80

cases take JLF mounting plates and 30 mm buttons screw in or snap in and snap in 24 mm buttons.

Why do NONE of the custom builder links work? :(
WTS/WTT: 320GB External Hard Drive, Velocity Micro E-reader

cases slanted? sorry cant tell.


yes they are


This is a pic of the leopard wood case I got from you I just recently got it wired up.
It my favorite custom case to date. Beautiful exotic wood case that is large enough to be comfortable.


you wouldn’t have by any chance the turbo button and guide button board laying around would you? I’m looking to buy one to fix a SE stick I got laying around


Those cases are gorgeous. Good luck with your sale; they’re priced to move for sure.
I build cases too, but if I had the cash I’d grab em.


You wouldn’t happen to have any more pics of the curly maple? Also what are the dimensions, its a little hard to tell.


There are more pictures on my photobucket page. http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v73/animefanzmg/
it is its around 11 by 7

I now have Sanwa joysticks and buttons available.


Sold Bocote Case.
added Hollow JLF shaft and other extra JLF parts I had.


I’ll take the hollow shaft!


hollow shaft sold, 1 joystick on hold.


@empty shiki where are u located? maybe a local pick up?


can do what you need


do you have any more hollow shafts?


Sold the other case and some parts.


Sold the Cthulu boards.


Do you have any of jlf left?


yes I still have 11 left with 1 of those on hold.


i was asking cuz i want some buttons… where are u located…


Lisle IL.