WTS: Joystick Kits Made to Order!

Under construction

Stick designs!

Design #1: FC-01


ok, this my first design. the dimensions are 9.5" X 12" X 2.25". what makes this box different than most joystick boxes, is that you can change sticks and the button layout. this uses 30mm screw-in buttons on the face and 24mm screw-in buttons on the back ONLY. it accepts a Seimitsu LS-32 standard flat mounting plate, a Sanwa JLW standard flat mounting plate, or a JLF standard mounting plate. (you may have to mod your mounting plate with a countersink bit to accept the flat head screws that come with your box)



PRICE IS $65 for one body and one face plate with an acrylic top UNSANDED AND UNPAINTED. if you want a wooden faceplate and backplate then it’s $70. if you want an extra faceplate of a different configuration, it will be $20 for an acrylic and $25 for wood. i’ll take pictures of nice pieces of wood i find for potential sticks. also, multiple orders will get deals. :badboy:

OK, now some people are getting confused as to what a basic kit is, and now, reading the thread all at once, i can see how that’s possible :rofl:. HERE :d: is a basic $65 kit :d:


SCREWS AND FEET ARE INCLUDED. all you need is a PCB, joystick and buttons.

some people have expressed that they may want me to paint their boxes. if you’d like to get a box painted then it’s $140 + shipping. again, multiple orders will get deals, so two painted boxes would be $250 + shipping.



Thanks for looking! :woot:

Great idea.

This looks very nice. I’d be on it quicker than you could read this post if I had the money to spare :frowning: maybe in a few weeks

Very Nice.

Nice skeet skeet!! Put me in line.

I look forward to seeing more of this. subscribes

Nice work! Seen your preview post before and its good to see things coming together, I’m good as far as sticks for now but if I want to build another custom, I’ll be checking your stuff out! :woot:

Esjihn’s, email me or tell me your layout options for the faceplate and backplate so i can get started.

gasp dare i say it? SLOT FILLED! :woot:

subscribed =)

I’ll hopefully be picking up one once I get back on track in school and save up some monies =P

oops! slot opened due to mutual confusion :\

i guess i need to explain better: these kits come unassembled much like the $20 model of Toodles’ face rocking Cthulhu board on Lizard Lick. everything is supplied (parts, instructions, a way to yell at the guy who sold everything to you :lol:), but it’s DIY, so you’ll need some basic tools to get it working. everything dealing with box construction is explained in these instructions i’ve uploaded:

design change. will post new instructions

there are many pictures in that construction PDF, but if you need even more pictures, i’ll see about posting something up on www.instructables.com

now, if you want me to make you a box completely finished and ready to get accept buttons and PCB(s) straight out of the shipping box, that will cost more than $65 and take longer. any thoughts/questions/complaints/hate regarding this?

Price for the top left pic ready for pcb stick buttons out of box in like that glossy color but white instead of (black?!?)

Quick question. These are unpainted, correct?

$155 shipped for an acrylic top and $160 shipped for wood (lower 48 states only). you’ll have to mod your mounting plate and drill the faceplate holes yourself; unless you want to send me your mounting plate so i can do it. that’s $2 extra, though.

yes the kits are unglued/unpainted. as far as pricing goes, i was mainly charging $65 for the interchangeability of the box as well as the speed in which it hits your doorstep. i can make prices for varying degrees of completion if you’d like?

2$ plus the 2 to ship then i dont even have the bits to drill the holes needed. ah well :sad:

Those are hot lookin sticks but man id rather not chance a 160$ product that ill fuck up drilling the wrong way.

nonono, if you ship me the mounting plate, **I’LL **drill all the holes. the reason i can’t just drill the holes before i ship it to you is because i have to see how the plate fits.

Can your design be modded for Happ buttons and stick?

not at this time, no. the height of the box is only 2" tall. i am working on a 3" tall Happ version right now; i just don’t have the funds to go out and buy a whole bunch of random buttons and sticks to make sure they fit. however, if people are willing to send me their parts so i can do a test fit, i could cut them a deal on a box.

I actually have a bag of Happ Ultimate buttons (vertical switches) and a Happ Ultimate stick that I don’t mind parting with (they just take up space). They were in a $10 MAS stick I found on craigslist. I believe they’re about the same size as their Competition counterparts, if not bigger. PM me and I’ll send it out =)

hey, TingBoy. i can’t access other people’s user pages and PMs don’t work for me right now, can i send you an email?