WTS Joysticks, PS3 and other stuff for sale

  1. Tekken 5 Anniversary stick w/ Art’s Plexi- SOLD!

  2. Street fighter anniversary stick WITH Inpin converter - SOLD!

  3. Korean style custom stick - needs to be soldered, asking 45 OBO, s/h extra. -used may have some scratching or markings








  1. Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 w/ art’s plexi glass and cut out template - Swapped out to sanwa buttons (white) and ball (white) - Asking 120 OBO, s/h extra. - Used may have some slight scratches


  1. Street fighter iv tournament edition stick w/ art’s plexi glass and cutout template- stock nothing swapped - asking 160 OBO, s/h extra. - used may have some slight scratches - but not really noticeable unless you are nitpicky


  1. 8 Tekken 5 hori buttons (red) 2 yellow buttons and the ball top, 4 sanwa black (not completely black kinda grey buttons), 4 button plugs, octo gate - ALL SOLD!

  2. Used Playstation 3 - 60gb console upgraded to 500gb may have markings or scratches w/ the following game titles:

  • Assassins Creed -sealed
  • Grand Theft Auto IV - sealed
  • Condemned 2 Bloodshot - Mint used
  • Metal Gear solid 4 - sealed
  • Dark sector - sealed
  • Army of 2 - Mint Used
  • Lego batman - mint used
  • Prince of Persia - mint used
  • Street fighter iv collectors edition - mint used
  • Valkyria Chronicles - mint used
  • Resistance 2 - mint used
  • UFC undisputed 2009 - mint used
  • Heavenly sword - mint used
  • MLB the bigs - mint used

2 sixaxis controllers
1 hdmi cable
1 standard vga cable
1 power cord





Asking 725 OBO, s/h extra.

Will only accept cash or paypal if you don’t want to come pick it up. No checks or money orders or anything else. Thanks.
Buyer will have to provide address if you want it to be shipped. I will give exact shipping charge for the address.

If you have any questions please ask. All reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks!


nice little collection of joysticks. Wouldnt mind pickin up another T5 stick, but its abit expensive for my taste. Good luck selling everything.


If u want to sell the t5 an te plexi let me know


Make me a good offer and it could be yours. :slight_smile:



willing to sell the ps3 with only sf4 and resistance 2? if so how much?




Make some offers peeps! :slight_smile:


offers! :slight_smile: posted insides of korean stick.


WTT my SE stick with sanwa buttons and JLF for PS3 for a TE for the PS3, with money in between.

PM me


Sorry no trades, just looking for money. :slight_smile:

Make offers peeps, you could be lucky! :slight_smile:


Gtn, I’m under the same situation at the moment. Gotta get rid of my stuff to keep my belly happy. I wish I had a Wally world gift card to hook you up.


Yeah, hopefully our economic situation improves soon. Went through another interview and will have another one on Monday. If I get a better job I might be able to keep my stuff. :slight_smile:

Price Drops and octo gate added to the package of misc. buttons.


Another price drop bump!


pics of PS3 to see cosmetic condition if possible. I finally sold some stuff off and have some extra dough. :bgrin:


What side of houston are you on? Im 4 streets down from pz.

  1. How much for the 4 dark hai sanwa buttons and 2 hole plugs?(whats the condition of the buttons? New or used?)
  2. whats the cheapest youll let that t5 stick minus the inpin with local pick up?
    Pm me bro

btw, GTO is one of my FAV animes. lol


I will post pics up either later tonight or asap tomorrow. :slight_smile:

pm’d :slight_smile:




I got the pics up, those were the only parts that were scratched that I saw. Nothing major, it’s been collecting dust as you can see lol PS3 smudges very easily.


T5 stick w/ plexi,sanwa buttons and 2 buttons plugs on hold for AJtheMishima.


im interested in the korean style. sending PM