WTS: Juri Chibi for $8, Random Pop'N'Music buttons+ for $15

Only one Juri Chibi button left for $8 shipped. Used but very good condition. Here are the pics:

I’ve got some random push buttons and micro switches from 10+ years ago… It was my sad attempt at a Pop’N Music controller. I thought I’d post these here in case anyone was interested. I’ll sell all of it (9 buttons, 9 micro switches, wires and PSX pcb) for $15 shipped. Keep in mind that this is from a failed attempt so there is still some soder on things. Here are pics:


Chun Li PS3 TE-S to Bazel for $140
Femme Fatale 360 TE to Neko X for $180
Black PS3 TE-S to Strout for $100
Juri Chibi Balltop to Murphy0X for $17
Juri Chibi Button to Loomer for $8

Updated original post with fightsticks, parts, elgato hd, blue snowball, turtle beach xp500 and a bunch of ps3 games. PM me if interested.

Chun Li and Elgato are both sold.

I was interested in the FF stick, but it looks like it has some serious wear for the price… is that firm?

No, the price isn’t firm. Send me an offer via PM. I’m sure we can work something out.

Same goes for all the other items too–prices are negotiable.

UPDATE: Added a TTT2 stick for the Wii-U and a couple more PS3 games: Deadpool and Resident Evil 5.

That price on the WiiU stick is hiiiigh.

A used one just sold for the same price on eBay, so I figured $120 would be a fair price for a brand new one. Last I checked, there weren’t any active listings for this stick on eBay either.

UPDATE: Price drop on the Femme Fatale and few other items. Sold/traded a handful of PS3 games. Added Little Big Planet to the list.

Pmd bout the femme fatale.


Sale pending on the Femme Fatale. If you’re interested in it, let me know and I’ll put you down as second in line.

New games added: Afrika, Gundam Crossfire, Tiger Woods '14 Masters Historic Edition, White Knight Chronicles 2


Femme Fatale is sold! Neko X is a man of his word! Thank you again! I’ll PM you the tracking info right away.

XP500s have also sold. PS3 games list is up to date.

Perfect condition and great transaction, buy from this man with confidence!

PM’d for the PS3 TE-S

ridiculously fast shipping and perfect condition; Thank you!!

Thanks for the feedback! Enjoy the sticks!

I cleaned up the original post and started a sale history for feedback.

Im interested in the the yellow sanwas and the white battop if they’re still around. Also I need that qanba button for the Q1 I keep around for company :stuck_out_tongue:

QbRt, I’ll send you a PM

I’m interested in the juri balltop. What would you charge for shipping to Canada though?

I’m not sure how much shipping should be off the top of my head. I’ll have to look into it and I’ll let you know.

Good deal on Sanwa Yellows… I think?

I sent paypal payment 3/13 and was given USPS Tracking # 9574221345415076000014

But tracking# still has no info on usps website as of 3/19.


Your expected delivery date is tomorrow, 3/20.

Also, as I said in my PM, that’s a PID #. It’s not a tracking number, but I was told it should confirm shipment. I’m not sure why it isn’t showing up.