WTS: Juri Resin Statue and Apple iPod Touch 64GB

First up: Limited Edition Juri Resin statue from SOTA toys. #154 of 350. Very good shape except for 2 things: she had an unfortunate accident and was decapitated, but I was able to glue her head back on and the break is hardly visible unless you get up real close and look for it. The other is that she has a light red line on her face that I have no idea what it’s from. Otherwise, perfect condition. Comes in original box with packaging. Asking $110.

Next is an Apple iPod Touch 3rd gen 64GB. Very well cared for. Comes with screen protector on it, Griffin case, and the USB cord. Used it mostly for internet and watching movies. Asking $200.

Will consider other offers.

does the iPod touch have facetime?

No, it’s the generation that came out just before they started putting cameras in them. I got it like, a little less than 2 years ago.

thanks for the quick response. Trying to decide if I would use facetime that much or not.

No prob. If you have a lot of friends/family who have Iphones or ipods with facetime, then I could see using it a lot, but only one friend of mine has an iphone, so I don’t really get to use it. :confused: