WTS: Kaytrim's blank Rounded Poplar Case with buttons and a balltop

I bought this case a couple of months ago but I never had the chance to finish it due to being busy in college. this case is puttied, sanded and ready to take some paint. since I bought some finished cases already I dont need this one anymore. selling it $90 shippped (USA only). the case comes with six used orange PS-14-KN 30mm buttons, three new OBSN-24 buttons and an orange balltop. buy this please, for my oakley prescription sun glasses lol.

pm sent

price drop bump

bump, price lowered

very nice box… help him pay the bills people!

i can get u $91usd. but i live in australia =[

i realy intrested T__T

if you pay for shipping i can prolly send it your way. let me know

How much will it be if you add art to if for me ;D

i dont know im not really much of an artist in photoshop. my stickart took me two weeks to complete lol and that was my first time. its in the gallery btw

ill buy it from you sent pm

I can pay you $90 paypal right now.

pm sent nismo