WTS kidrobot x Street Fighter M. BISON figure. Very Rare

I randomly purchased 3 KrxSF blind boxes at my local comic shop yesterday & was very surprised to find that one of them was the 1/80 M. Bison figure. I took it out, took one photo at the shop & immediately placed it back inside. His hat is still wrapped in plastic & he comes with his all of his original packaging, so he’s in perfect condition.

Willing to sell for cash or possibly even trade for a pack of Vega, Sagat, Evil Ryu & Balrog.

Shoot me a DM or reply in this thread.

$100 or Best Offer.

What is the price?

Here’s the lone photo I took, as well.

Per the rules, you must add a price.

What is the price?

Post price pls, interested.

Hey dude, post a price down on the threads before I close it. Kthx.

Wupps. My bad. I guess I need to read the thread rules. Sorry guys.

$100 or best offer.

Would you take $80? If so, PM me your addy.

How much would you knock off the price for Cash + Evil Ryu?

anybody know if this little guy has been sold, yet?

Still unsold, but I have a few offers i’m looking into currently. Thanks guys.

just sent you a pm.