WTS KOF 12 for Xbox360

Hey, I got a copy of King of Fighters 12 yesterday and popped it in today, everything works great but the pixel style drawing gave me a headache after 10-15 minutes of playing which kept happening persistently so I have to sell this off…

It’s literally brand new, I’ll sell it for $50 and we can split the shipping cost.

(US only please, no overseas shipping or anything)

Paypal for payment, thanks.

Hehehehahahaha, god this game sucks to the point that people who got it early are trying to sell it before its release date.

this game is tight

No the game is alright from what I’d played so far (about 1 hour) the only complaint I have about the game is the visual style they chose… it’s really REALLY pixelated.

Do you have an HDMI cable? If you do and it still has pixelized graphics… EW.

Btw, how’d you get it so early?

i’m wondering the same as kte how are people getting this game early because i’ve gotten confirmation a quite a few people have it now…

Gamestop had it today…And it’s ok.

I like it, preordered it from gamestop picked up on friday

Turn your pixel smoothing on in the options, problem solved.

Exactly If you put it on the 3rd option there is virtually no pixelation.

I did all the pixelization filters (soft filters) and it still is giving me a headache (i’m pretty badly nearsighted so my eyes are very sensitive), I got it early because I was in gamestop which had a SF4 TE stick and I kept saying “damn I would buy this if only I could play KOF” and one of the salespersons was like… I think we have ONE copy here for you.

I saw it at Game Crazy yesterday. I think I’ll wait until I can demo it.