WTS: Korean stick made my Finkle


Taeyoung Fanta/seimitsu buttons

For PS3(Cthulu)

Nuetrik/start/select/home in the back

Customizable art

Sides of the case were powdercoated by Voltech, im willing to let this go $250 shipped

Paypal and U.S. only

Damn…if I had the money I’d pick that up in a heart beat…DAMN RECESSION…good luck with the sale bro…

Price drop $230 shipped!

If it’s there in 2 days message me

Price drop $220 shipped

ooooooooh, thats pretty. free bump, this stick deserves to be bought lol

Is it possible to drop in a Seimitsu or Sanwa stick? Or is the mounting strictly made just for Fanta?
Also, it’s hard to tell from the pic, but is the grey area powder coated, painted, or bare metal? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry bro its only mounted for a fanta, i was thinking of modding it to fit Sanwa if i kept it. It seriously is possible tho looking at it, the spacer could be shaved down enough to install a JLF but the plastic is really TOUGH! i used a sanding belt of 60grit to shave some height for the fanta and it barely did anything lol.

Also the grey area is only paint, but who ever buys it should really look into powder coating it, the sides of the case that are powder coating is nice and durable!

Ah, ok. Thanks for the quick reply & good luck with the sale! :smiley:


I lulz at the thread title.