WTS: Kraylix arcade cabinet (dual modded) Serious buyers only


After trying to afford yet another kid in the family, it looks like I am going to have to sell my second arcade cabinet. My first cabinet was a Vewlix clone that I sold to another member on SRK a while back, and some time passed and I decided that I just had to have another one. I hooked up with Kray to paint/build a version 4 Kraylix cab for me, and I have to say I enjoy this cabinet more than I did the Vewlix clone. It’s heavier, sturdier, and way easier to mod/replace monitor/etc. Very awesome quality here, as many can attest.

So yeah, I’m broke as hell because of these chilluns and need to make some money to help the family out, so if you are interested in this cabinet, please send me a PM with any questions you may have.

Local pick-up only please. I live in the central Mississippi area, and I am good friends with DaRabidDuckie so he can verify my credibility here. Thanks for looking, here are some quick pics I took of the cabinet today(artwork is easily replaceable if you feel the need):


Thanks again!


Holy shit…

Good luck with that sale. That looks fucking gorgeous.


Thank you! Willing to drive/meet up somewhere not too far away as well, and negotiable with the price.


damn that is a sweet colorway! too bad i live nowhere near Mississippi :frowning:


Yeah, it’s a pretty amazing piece of work. I’d be buying it myself if I wasn’t totally broke.


that cab is hella nice, but you gotta put a price on it to sell here on SRK.


Sorry. Thought I put a price!

$1850 with dual mods for each player(1+2). Slightly less if you just want one(ps3 or 360).


what kind of monitor is it inside?


It’s a 60hz led backlit vizio that I have tested for lag with good results(game mode turned off, etc).

Willing to sell without the screen possibly. Its a very very easy swapout if you ever have to replace it, though.


Damn good luck on the sale bro, I’ve got a Kraylix myself and the quality of his work is amazing.

On a side note do you happen to know the model # of the screen you have in it now?

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No, but I can get that info when I’m not at work. I will post that info here once I get it.


Looks really good. Good luck.