WTS: Kraylix Kustom Arcade Cabinet V1.0 - Near Super Arcade


Up for sale is a first generation (V1) Kraylix Wooden Vewlix Clone. I bought this cabinet in November 2010 and it’s just been chillin in my garage since then. It comes fully assembled, cabinet only. The newer V4 is slightly larger than the one I am selling, about 4inches wider I believe. If you are within a 15-20 mile radius of super arcade, I will deliver it for free with a down payment. I will not ship, or you can come pick it up.

Price: $600


EDIT:Also have a Refurbished Pandigital 7" eReader & Android Multimedia Tablet for $100 OBO. Shipping will be USPS Medium Priority Flate Rate Box $10.95


Dam looks sweet :slight_smile:


wow that shit looks cold! wish i could buy that shit.


lol this is like my arcade projects currently, stashed away untill better weather. gg with sale.


Obligatory i wish i could grab it bump! Gawd, if only i had the 6 bills to drop and the time away from work i’d totally be over this… as with shin ^ glws cuz thats a pretty reasonable price for a piece of arcade heaven in potentia =)


Question how much would something like this cost to build?


Thanks for the replies/bumps and kind words gentlemen :china:


If you check out kray’s website he breaks it down for you, but if you don’t feel like reading. The newer version of the one I’m selling, kray is selling for $595 unassembled, that’s not factoring in shipping costs, and the time it would take to assemble (not difficult to assemble at all, just time consuming). Of course, you’re just starting at $595, because the price just goes up from there to get this thing completely finished, to include paint, speakers, etc.

You can also check out this thread, it’s got a bunch of worklogs by people and a bunch of slick looking finished products. CHEERS!


What size monitor fits in there


Virtually Any 32" TV


O-M-G i wish you lived on the east coast -_- sighs, gl w/ sale


suprised this is still here


How is the monitor held in place? Brackets?


pm’d about cabinet! please still be available! haha