WTS: Kuroda DVD's plus games and DVD's

Paypal only and stateside shipping only.

Kuroda DVD’s except Akuma, Ken, Yun, Makoto, Necro, Q.
$7 each shipped
Pending Payment:
-Akuma DVD sold.

Fist of The North Star series complete:
$40 Shipped
Over 150 episodes plus includes FOTN the movie and the New FOTN series.

Samurai Showdown 6 “Japanese” $15 Shipped.

SBO 2008 3s is $16 Shipped.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

PM’d about Akuma DVD

PM’s responded too.

Is the SBO 08 DVD still available, PM me!

is the Akuma one sold?

It’s back up for sale.

I’ll take it.

payment sent for the Gouki dvd.

Akuma dvd sold.

Prices dropped.

can’t wait until it arrives! :slight_smile:


is the Q dvd still available?

I’m selling the rest in a bundle. It will take me too long to sell them individually.

Noooo. That’s cool. Let me know if you change your mind,eh?!

Well, I just sold 3 more DVD’s so I won’t be selling it in a bundle. The Q DVD is available.

Is Necro available?

edit: I’ll take it if it is.

I’ll take the Q dvd please.

Q is being held for C1581.

Capn, I still have it. PM sent.

I need your info again.