WTS lightguns


Thanks for viewing. Here are some item’s I’m trying to sell from my personal collection. Please note that all prices are negotiable so you can feel free to try to haggle with me. Also if you think I might have overpriced something please comment so I can know. I’m new to FG hardware for the most part. Shipping outside of US is extra. PM me or daiconiv on AIM for questions please. Thanks again! more pictures at http://imgur.com/a/aC4Bx/all#0

PSX Lightgun. Very nice feel to it. Feels alot like the Konami Justifier or Saturn Stunner. In great condition. Should work on a PS2 but haven’t tried it. $7 Shipped

Panther “IV” Guncon clone. Works on PSX and Saturn! Also includes a foot pedal to play Time Crisis with. Loads of options for it. $15 Shipped.


I think your prices for the Happ cases are excellent


does these HAPP cases still for sale ??