WTS: Limited/Collectors Street Fighter T-Shirts


Selling off some Street Fighter related clothing. They mostly just sit there in my closet, so I’m getting rid of some to make room. I figured there should be enough fans out there that may appreciate this stuff just as much or more than I do.

I’m accepting only verified PayPal with address, shipping via USPS.

PM me if you’re interested!

Kineda’s World Warrior Tee ft. Dictator Size XXL - $24+$4 shipping, worn/washed only 2x


TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter ft. Akuma Size XXL - $36+$4 shipping, never worn or washed, just folded and kept in closet.


TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter ft. Chun Li - Size XXL - $26+$4 shipping, worn/washed 1x


TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter ft. Chun Li - Size XL - $24+$4 shipping, worn/washed 1x


TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter ft. Akuma - Size XL - sold!
(Front side)

(Back Side, “Heaven”)

TRIUMVIR x Street Fighter ft. Sagat - Size XXL - $26+$4 shipping, never worn or washed, just folded and kept in closet.


Uniqlo x MGS:PW - “BIG BOSS” Tee, size XL (Japanese regulations) - Unworn, unwashed, tag still intact. $30+$5 shipping



Uniqlo x MGS:PW - “Foxhound Patch”, unworn, unwashed, tag still intact - $30+$5 shipping
Front Side----


Back Side ----


Arm patch, up close —



Interested in the XL’s.


I would have bought those Chun-Li’s but I’m a size S :frowning:




got anymore XL shirts?


Only Chun Li, everything else is XXL.


I have two limited edition Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker tee shirts available, unworn, unwashed, and still tagged.

Updated in OP.


If you get a chun-li shirt in large let me know please ^^


Still looking to get rid of these. Taking up closet space.


They need a new home! :x


oh man, everything is so huge…


i’m hitting buffet, unfortunately i’m medium :frowning:
good luck with the sale, those triumvir shirts are tight.


Haha, yeah they’re on the larger side because they use slim fitted shirts. The Triumvir XL’s and XXL’s here are a little slimmer than your normal shirts from like the SRK store and stuff.