WTS: LLC Steel Panel Replacements(TE, Hrap, DIY, Custom) Round 3 Custom list starting


LLC Replacement Steel Panels and DIY Steel Panels
All steel is Commercial Grade 16ga or 14ga CRS that has been lightly coated in something to prevent rusting.
All panels can mount many different sanwa, seimitsu, korean, and even happ sticks.
Art Templates
TE Replacement Panel Template.psd
DIY Panel Template.psd

TE Replacement Panels - $27

These panels replace your current panel to give your TE stick a whole new style and come with or without a lexan top(your choice).
Te panels are compatible with Sanwa, Seimitsu, K-sticks and Happ sticks(Happ sticks have to be modified to fit at correct mounting height.)

The Panels you can choose from are the
-Astro City 6
-Straight 6
-hitbox, and even your own customized layouts(see custom section)

Panel only - $27
plus Lexan add $18
plus ext Lexan add $21
plus full Lexan add $25

Laser printed and cut artwork - $10

Hrap Replacement Panels - $30

These panels replace your current panel on your hrap stick to give you a different look and feel.

Hori replacements are currently under development but expect vewlix, mortal kombat, and Hitbox.

DIY Panels

These are panels to help you build your own customs to help maintain a quality feel and at the same time save you time on one of the hardest parts of a custom.
These panels fit multiple different joysticks including Sanwa, Seimitsu, Happ and even Korean Sticks.
There are alot of customization options for the buyer when it comes to button layout.

There are 4 sizes available

  1. Small - 10.5" x 7" - $25, add Lexan +$15, add Laser printed and cut art +10
  1. Medium - 13" x 7" - $35, add Lexan +$20, add Laser printed and cut art +10
  1. Large - 16.5" x 7" - $45, add Lexan +$25, add Laser printed and cut art +10
  1. Hitbox - 11.5" x 7.5" - $30, add lexan +$20, add Laser printed and cut art +10

Custom Order Panels

If you want to custom order a panel such as one without a turbo panel or one with a different layout or even one for a different stick entirely, send me an email and we can work it out.

How custom ordering will work?
-If you tell me that you want a custom and send me your layout or have me draw it, i will put you on a list and once that list gets to around 15 or so I will collect the money for the panels and get them all cut. This way people can get their customs in a more timely manner.
-Price will vary depending on size and design.

Current Number in Round 3 Custom Panel list = 3

For more info regarding panels visit my thread in Tech Talk section

What You Get…
When you buy your panel it will come with everything needed to mount the joystick of your choice which are
-4 spacers
-4 undercut 8-32 machine screws
-4 lock washers
-4 nuts
This will get your joystick mounted at the correct height and sitting tight.

To order…
The absolute best way to order right now would be to send me an email to LLC@theGameSurgeons.com until I get my site up a bit

Anywhere in the U.S. will be $11($15 for the Large DIY panel)
International shipping
For international shipping you have two options.
No insurance shipping- $21
Shipping with insurance- $36

Any questions please dont hesitate to ask, I am more than happy to help :china:

Making billet aluminum stick, who else wants one? Maybe custom cabs too

If you made these for Hori EX2s I would love you until the ends of the earth.


Are you going to offer the TE panels without the guide/turbo area cut out? I’ve got two sticks that could use these.


If you could get me a template with detailes about the exact size of it then i could very well make replacement panels for those sticks.

Yes but they are only on custom order, i will have info about custom ordering the metal panels in just a bit. Of course if you planned on using a lexan top you could always opt for the turbo panel to not get cut out. That way you still have your steel panel with a lexan top without turbo panel.


This is exactly what I was thinking… well, except for the love part. I would buy one though.


PMs sent


If you haven’t already, please add me and current order to the list (along with every nylon spacer you offer = ] ). I’ve been following the original thread almost daily; they really couldn’t look any better. Can’t wait to get my hands on one.

Any idea of when the next order will be put in?

antonio c.


Yes I already have you on the list my man, what i am thinking about doing is waiting until the custom list gets to about 15 people or so, and if those 15 people can pay in full then i will get the panels cut. That way folks wont have to wait so long to have their custom panels and i wont have to wait until i sell my current batch and have to dig in my pockets so deep. This will allow me to get people custom orders faster. Right now the list is at about 5 or 6 i will have to check and make some adds today but hopefully this works out better for those who want custom steel panels.


Sounds good–thanks.

Can you tell me if standard sized dust covers will cover the 35mm stick holes? They don’t toe in when moving the stick (Sanwa/Seimitsu) around do they?

antonio c.


that hori tekken panel would be awesome on my TE-S. where are you shipping from?


The normal dust washers wont toe in but when you move your jlf you will see the hole a little bit which is why i suggest covering it up with your artwork because once that is done it is perfect for the jlf or other non K- sticks. also getting a lexan top with a 24mm hole with artwork underneath would work as well.

I am shipping from the inland empire in CA so to you in tennessee it would only be 11 to ship.


Sorry guys but afte looking at the size of that hori ex2 it looks like i wont be able to make replacements for those sticks.


=( oh well.


The HRAP panels look good with the multi-joystick compatibility.


Yea sorry about that my man but because of that sticks compact size and very little room to make a different layout, it just doesnt seem like it would work.

Thank you sir, they are currently in testing phase but should be ready to go next shipment


You’re welcome. I’ll definitely consider picking one up if I ever decide to go from 8 button layout to 6 (currently I just switch whichever buttons I don’t use to no function). The Lexan is also nice in case I ever go the custom artwork route.


Thanks and remember you can order custom layouts as well. :smile:


This is pretty amazing, really would speed up the process of making a custom. I will be ordering soon enough from you.


Cool my man, just let me know what you need and how you will need it and i will get it ready no problem.

Also folks website is almost up and I am also looking at thinner Lexan covers for the TE so it doesnt hang over the bezel as much as 1/16" covers do.


Wow I really needed a HRAP 1 Replacement plate since I sort of messed mines up while modding. How much for a Hrap 1 Template?