WTS: LNIB HRAP3 all Sanwa + Dual Mod!

I got this HRAP3 and decided that I don’t need that many sticks. I’ve already got several TE’s and SE’s, and the HRAP wasn’t different enough for me to be able to justify keeping it around.

It’s 110$ if you want it as it is shown (Sanwa buttons + JLF stick, 6 button layout, stock PCB). It will also come with all 8 Hori buttons that came with it stock.

If you want me to dual mod it, it’ll be 30$ extra (I will dual mod it with a PS1 Dual Shock controller, which works with almost every Playstation converter possible). So 140$ total.

Either way I’m going to use Fedex Ground shipping, which is 2-3 days depending on if you’re east coast or west. It’ll ship in the box it came in, with the buttons wrapped up in there too.



the title is misleading

i thought i’d find a stick that was all sanwa + dual modded for $110 shipped

Well considering that’d be quite a ripoff on my end, I don’t think so. I have to go out, find a PCB, buy it, and spend a few hours modding it, all for less than the price of the stick by itself?

Also, it’s considered bad form to crap on people’s threads…

well, in his defense you should probably fix that title as I thought that as well.

X3. I thought it as well.

agreed any one that looked at ur thread would think it was a duel modded hrap3 for 110 it should say all sanwa hrap 3 for 110 duel modded for 145

make that 4th I seriously though the same thing as the ppl above my post :wasted:

Price drop bump.