WTS: Logitech G500 Mouse (NEW)

Logitech G500 gaming mouse. Got this new off logitech and think it’s overkill for what I use it for. Comes with everything and new. Asking $50 shipped or best offer. Here’s a link with some info on it.

Gaming Mouse G500

You taking any trades for ODST? I could use that to practice up for Reach, but I’m rather strapped for cash at the moment.

Sure thing, just hit me up with a list of what you got.

I got a fightstick case I’m looking to get rid of, uhhhhh…idk what else. I mean, is there anything in particular you’d be looking for?

Well, other games would be nice as I don’t have a use for a fightstick (already have an hrap2). Do you have any other 360 games?

I own Super/Gears Of War 1. lmao. XD

well, guess you don’t have much to trade then. Let me know if you have other 360 accessories like a controller or headsets. Other than that I’m not really looking for anything really. Other electronics maybe?

I do have a turtle beach headset…the ear force X4. Works perfectly, except for the voice chat, which you can buy a replacement piece for like $10. Even thought that piece doesn’t work I still have it plugged in, so it comes with everything. They go for about $150-$180 new, so I’d be willing to swap that for the game and maybe…$100? These things are wireless, and are Godlike when it comes to shooters, especially COD.

Or just for any game that you wanna get immersed in. They’re amazing, but I could use the money more than them, to be honest.

Let me know if that’s reasonable or not. :slight_smile:

Probably more than reasonable but I can’t justify spending that much on a headset for a console I barely use right now. Plus I’ve been using some $300 noise canceling headphones which are doing quite well for that, just can’t really talk as they’re not a headset. :sweat: Thanks for the interest.

Sad face. :frowning:

Oh well, hopefully somebody shows some interest in them. I should make a thread for 'em now…

bump, added G500

games are gone! Mouse still available.