WTS : Loose Arcade Parts & Tekken Tag Joystick


Ok, so I am doing some cleaning up and I got all these loose parts that I probably won’t use so I want to sell them here cheap for you guys. Here we go.

All items are used unless stated. Everything is in working and good condition.


JLF Pulled from an HRAP 3 (Brand New) No mounting plate $21 shipped SOLD!
JLF (Brand New) $23 shipped SOLD! Sold Locally

30mm buttons

$2 per Solid Color Button
$2.50 per any button with a Transparent plunger
Minimum 3 button to ship unless buying something else with it.
All will fit quick disconnects just fine

6x Seimitsu PS-14-G Black SOLD! Shipped
6x Sanwa Twisted OBSF-30 RDYL
6x Sanwa OBSF-30 Violet SOLD! Shipped
4x Sanwa OBSF-30 White
6x Sanwa OBSF-30 Green (one of these is a screw in)
4x Sanwa OBSF-30 Dark Hai SOLD!
4x Seimitsu PS-14-GNC Green (New) SOLD! Shipped
2x Seimitsu PS-14-GNC White (New) SOLD! Shipped
2x Seimitsu PS-14-GN Black (New) SOLD!

24mm buttons
4x Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24mm Black Rim, White Plunger SOLD!
3x Seimitsu PS-14-DNC 24mm Black Rim, White Transparent Plunger SOLD!
2x Sanwa OBSF-24 Dark Blue
2x Sanwa OBSF-24 White
2x Seimitsu PS-14-DN BlackSOLD!
1x Seimitsu PS-14-DN White SOLD!

I also have this Tekken Tag Joystick. Perfect for the joystick collector looking to add to his collection. It is in VERY good condition.

$40 shipped


Thats it for now. If I find something else worth selling, I’ll add to this thread. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to PM me. Thanks a lot.


im interested in the jlf with mounting plate what else does it include? wiring? ball top


PMed about the six violet buttons, but I also noticed you have a JLF. Any more info on that would be nice. Thanks.




Payment sent!


The JLF that was NOT pulled from the HRAP will come with harness, but no ball top.


Do these prices include shipping? like 3 solid buttons are 6.00 shipped?


Yup. Basically it ends up being buy 2 get one free after shipping lol. I told you, hella cheap!

List updated, price drop on TTT stick.


First post updated. Price droppage




Tried to PM, but your inbox is full.


Payment sent for the HRAP3. Tried to PM you but your inbox seems to be full.


My bad guys. This new version of SRK doesn’t tell you when you are close to getting full on PM’s. I’ve deleted some messages so you guys should be able to PM me again.

galactuseatworld - yea, I got an email from paypal that says you sent payment. I ran out of boxes to ship stuff with and will get more at work on Monday. So it’ll either ship Monday or Tuesday the latest.


Will, is your T4 stick up for sale? lol. I would of gotten that tag stick if it had an extra button. :confused:

You still doing dual mods at an affordable price since I got a blank case I’m gonna be getting soon and I’m gonna take you up on your offer if it’s still available. Might even get the 24mm dark blue buttons if it’s not yet sold.


Sup Melendez,

I don’t own a T4 stick lol. Sorry. I still do mods for people I know so if you’re getting a Voltech stick and want me to work on it, just let me know. I just got my Voltech case and it’s pretty awesome. When I get it hooked up, it will be my main joystick.


Nice, I’ll be hitting you up soon then.


pm’d about the 24mm seimitsu buttons and the black 30mm seimitsus.


Got my Seimitsus in the mail yesterday. Creative packaging :wgrin:
Looking forward to the 2nd shipment!


Got my buttons in the mail today. Everything is in good condition! I’ll be sure to leave you feedback.


Thanks guys. I will return the feedback, but just remember you can only leave feedback for one person per day.

All items have been shipped except for things that were bought yesterday and today.