WTS: Lots of games! Console/portable/JPN/US, poonage mega-selling thread!

  • JPN = Japanese version
  • No notation = US version
  • Flat shipping = $3.00/game unless otherwise specified, combine shipping to save $$ on case-per-case basis!
  • Paypal only
  • USPS will be used unless otherwise specified
  • I am only able to ship items on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays
  • ALL games have near-mint condition original case and instruction booklets unless otherwise specified. I’m a perfectionist, so if there is a chip or scratch on anything you will hear about it.
  • Pictures available upon request
  • Still more to come . . .


Final Fantasy XII (JPN) - $20
2 x Guitar Hero Guitars - $35 shipped each (one from GH1 and one from GH2)
Xenosaga Ep. 1 - includes SEALED promo DVD - $8
Taiko Drum Master + Drum = $30 shipped
Tekken Tag greatest hits version - $5
Tekken 4 greatest hits version (sealed) - $7
Tekken 5 - $7
Katamari Damacy - $10
Star Ocean Till the End of Time (discs never removed from case) - $15
Final Fantasy X-2 - $12
We Love Katamari (JPN) - $15
Final Fantasy X special package (FFX, FFX-2, and FF: Another Story DVD, Japanese version. This came with a soft slipcase, but I can’t find it.) - $30
Ape Escape 3 (JPN) - $10
Gantz: The Game (JPN) - $10
Yakuza (Ryuu ga Gotoku) (JPN) (case is slightly punctured in top right corner) - $8
Metal Gear Solid: Subsistence package (JPN) (this came with a slipcase, but I can’t find it. I’m moving soon, so I’ll edit if I stumble across it.) - $30 shipped
Suikoden 5 (JPN, factory-sealed) - $18
Okami (JPN) - $12
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - $8
Gran Turismo 4: $8
Castlevania: Lament of Innocence: $8

Most of my PSP games have normal wear and tear on the UMD cartridges, but the optical media is fine. Since these got carried around with me a lot, the cartridges themselves have scratches and fingerprints due to regular usage.

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (unpatched version, case has GameCrazy price sticker, UMD has barcode sticker on the back) - $10
Jewel Summoner (JPN, case has small artifact on front) - $7
Katamari Damacy (JPN) - $8
Guilty Gear XX #Reload (JPN) - $8
Intelligent License (JPN) - $7
Lumines (JPN) - $7
Tales of Eternia (JPN) - $10
Street Fighter Zero 3 Upper (JPN) - $8
Rockman Rockman (JPN version of Megaman: Powered Up) - $8

Nintendo DS

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (JPN) - $6
Where do Babies Come From (JPN) - $6
Puzz-Loop (JPN) - $6
Children of Mana (JPN) - $7
Bleach (JPN) - $8
Super Princess Peach (JPN) - $7
Animal Crossing DS (JPN) - $7
Mario Kart DS (JPN) - $8
Biohazard - Deadly Silence (JPN, factory sealed) - $7


Howl’s Moving Castle (JPN version, but has English subtitles) - $7

Wargasm - Japanese GGXX Slash tutorial DVDs (two dvds, one has character mixups and the other has match vids) - $8


Saw II - $11
Saw III - $11
Corpse Bride - $13


1 x Gameboy Advance E-Reader: $2 (These were recently selling for $24 dollars on NCSX!)

Thank you for your interest!

hello, can i get/reserve Guilty Gear XX (JPN)?

also, a couple questions. does the instruction booklet come w/ it? can i pay w/ paypal? is it used and/or how ‘used’ is it? thx. :slight_smile:

Unless specified, all games do have instructions booklets. I have kept my games in excellent condition throughout the years. I just looked at the GGXX disc, and it does not have a single scratch. The box has normal wear and tear but no noticeable damage. Instruction booklet is near-perfect.

I’ll hold it for you.

Final Fantasy X special package (FFX, FFX-2, and FF: Another Story DVD, Japanese version with soft slipcase) - $30
Namco X Capcom (JPN) - $15

Interested in these two.

Could the person who E-Mailed about GGXX Slash and Namco X Capcom please write back? I accidentally deleted your PM when I was trying to clear out my box.

PM sent.


Ooh nice, definitely interested in Trauma Center Second Opinion!

I’ll buy Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, Resident Evil 4: Wii, Zelda: Twilite Princess, Super Paper Mario, Mario Kart: Double Dash and Capcom Fighting Evolution.

PM sent for almost everything

i got dibs on

007 disc for xbox
animal crossing for gc
zelda 4 game collector’s disc
wario ware smoothe moves wii
metal slug anthology wii
memento blu ray
300 blu ray

BACK OFF ASSWIPES :slight_smile:

pm sent <3

I believe all PMs have been responded to now.

All payments sent today will have items shipped tomorrow!

Goddamn someone swept up your stuff like mad.

Curses to whoever swiped Super Paper Mario and RE4:Wii out from under me shakes fist in a menacing fashion

woot lots of stuff sold very fast, PM sent.

I want to know if these 2 DS games comes with full english option

Animal Crossing DS (JPN)
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (JPN)

Sorry, these games are only playable in Japanese.

All PAID users packages have been shipped today. I think Paypal should automatically E-Mail you the tracking numbers. If you have not paid for your items yet, please do so soon to prevent your items going back on the market.

Fromo, you have a PM.

Thank you!

If you’re willing to ship to Canada, could I have a pic of the Subsistence package?