WTS Lots of Various items (limited Street Fighter stuff, TE stick, Anime misc.)

My car is busted and I need help. Donations are also accepted. Shipping free in the USA. The rest of the world, add $5 for paper items, $10 for other items. Paypal would be my preferred method of payment. Pictures Here. Serious inquiries only, please. Shipping from Los Angeles, CA.

[S]-1 First Generation PS3, SF4 Mad Catz TE stick. All original parts. Works great. $80. [/S] Thanks!
-1 Limited to 500, UDON Shin Gouki bust from SDCC’05. Box is a little jacked up, and the belt piece was broken off as a result of crappy packaging (broken when opened). I still have that piece, and figure itself is in good condition. $60.
-1 Limited to 250, hand numbered, Original “World Warriors” art print by Shinkiro (older SNK artwork, TVC, MVC3 and various other Capcom games) signed by the artist. From SDCC’05. Good condition. $60.
-1 Limited to 250, hand numbered, Original “Generations” art print by Daigo Ikeno (known primarily for his Third Strike artwork) signed by the artist. From SDCC’05. Good condition. $60.
[S]-1 4ish-foot poster that came with the SF Anniversary Edition stick. Decent condition. $10 OBO. [/S]Thanks!
-1 Vanilla SF4 promo poster, signed by Yoshinori Ono. Good condition.$40.
-1 Promotional Red SF4 headband, signed by Yoshinori Ono. Good condition. $10.
-1 Triumvir Bison Wanted posted. Good condition. $5.
-1 KOF Evolution poster. Poor condition. $2 for shipping costs.
-1 lot, Bootleg, 17-disc Saint Seiya/Knights of the Zodiac series. First two seasons, Poseidon Saga, Asgard Saga, first half of the Hades Saga, and Overture OVA. Good condition. $60 OBO.
-1 lot, Bootleg Street Fighter IIV DVD rip box, official release Animated Movie, Alpha, and Alpha Generations DVDs. Good condition. $30.
-1 ADV release Gantz DVDs. 2 boxes, All episodes. Almost new. $30.
-1 Bootleg Desert Punk, 3 DVD set. Good condition. $8.
-Individual sets of Saint Seiya CD soundtracks. 5 sets of 3 disc packs. Decent condition. $7 each, or $30 for the lot.
-1 Evangelion CD Soundtrack. Good condition. $5 OBO.
-1 lot, Naruto seasons 1, 2, and OVA soundtracks. $5 OBO.


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