WTS: LS-32, Modded OG Myoungshin Fanta, Stickless Mayflash F500 (Plus Various other Joysticks in the Future)

TTSIA. Parting ways because I really have no use for them honestly.

LS-32. Comes with extended hollow shaft, flat mounting bracket and Kowel’s octogate.

$30 shipped

Next is a modded OG Myoungshin Fanta. Comes with Switch mounting support for both top and bottom. Switches it comes with are Gersung A3s

$30 shipped

Next is a Mayflash F500. Solid fightstick, but come to realize I am not a fan of the vewlix layout AT ALL. Selling simply because of that. Comes without a joystick but has all the mountings to install your own. Buttons are all Sanwa.

$70 shipped

New Item added.