WTS: M-Audio Audiophile 192 and Dongle


I have an Audiophile that’s never been used except to test it. I had kind of forgotten that I had it and it’s been collecting dust for over a year. The Dongle is still in the bag. This is for the PCI card and dongle only. The only stuff that came with it was drivers and some shitty demo software anyway. The Delta drivers for it can be downloaded from M-Audio’s website.

Sorry for the cell phone pics, but you get the idea.




good luck on the sale! these are awesome sound cards!

i have the m audio audiophile 2496 and love it! 0 latency with midi and perfect input/output streams.




Out of curiosity, what does this pci card do?

EDIT: Guess I can go look it up, silly me :stuck_out_tongue:


I checked M-Audio’s website and it really doesn’t give info on what it is actually FOR in terms of music production. They just list the technical specifications on the card. So forgive me but, what can I actually DO with this card other than it being a great sound card. I’m into audio recording and editing (singer and songwriter) FYI. How can this card benefit someone like me? Does it have any midi inputs and outputs?


Sorry for the slow response, I’ve been at work.

It’s basically designed as an affordable, high quality recording device for those who are recording at home, without access to a full studio. It has an S/PDIF input and output on the card and a dongle with a main L/R TRS input, a main L/R TRS output and a MIDI input and output that connects to a 25-pin serial connector on the card. All of the different channels are managed through the Delta driver’s menu interface. It’s designed to work, mainly, with Pro Tools, but is fully compatible with any and all major PC and Mac recording software. As Spektrum said, there is 0 latency on both the input and output streams, and it also supports software running in 64-bit mode. This lets your machine utilize more than the customary 4GB of RAM allowed by a 32-bit OS for one application, if you have more than that available. As you can imagine, this can make a big difference in the sound quality on machines that support 64-bit software, though recordings still sound very clean and crisp on 32-bit systems. It’s a very high quality card and, as I said, this one has only ever been used to test whether or not it works and then placed back on the shelf, as I never required it.

Hope that answers your question.:bgrin:


Hmmm, ok, I might be able to use that. I’m broke right now though =(
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Last week, I might have been interested in one of the dual mods, but I’ve got Gummowned working on my EX-SE. Do you have any gently used Intel mobos that take DDR3 RAM lying about? That’s an odd request, I know. Otherwise, I need the cash. If you move one of those dual mods, or just come into some money you can part with, let me know.


I put this on eBay, so here’s the link if anyone is interested.



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