WTS: Mad Catz 360 MLG TE (dualmod PS3 w/ Cerberus)




Have a Tekken 5 stick but no bottom metal panel. It’s off from what you are looking for but let me know if you are interested


Looking to buy/sell new stuff; bump


I’ll trade you a complete with box HRAP EX.

Do you still have the orig clear green sides?

Looks like this:

Can get pics tomorrow it’s in storage, and in great shape.


Shoot, wish I had seen this before getting a more expensive customized TE…

Is the CPO supposed to look like that? O_o


Ya it’s not really broken. It’s art.


i have this for ps3 i would trade. it comes complete with turbo, rs/dp/ls switch, home, r3, and l3 buttons. where are you located?


Sorry all, stick is spoken for as of earlier today. Might have more to come in the coming days.


new WTS


Pm sent


Bump because that TE is still for sale- and I would have bought it myself lol