Wts Mad Catz Arcade Fightstick V.S. Edition for PS3


Hey yall just trying to sell my ps3 vs stick one more time. Couple things u need to know is that the bottom panel are missing the two middle screws and the scratch. I try to get a pic as much as can.wanted to sell 130 shipped thank you much.


forgot to mention im willing to talk about the price if its reasonable just hit me a pm


bump need it gone ASAP.


Yea the screw under sticker was stripped so I didn’t keep the two metal screws in the middle

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Lol yea I thought I said it wit pics and in does rip than for input I’ll change it

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Update price drop

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How’s the rest of the cosmetics of the stick? Are there any scratches? On the close up of the missing screws, it looks like there are some scuffs on the black part of the plastic? Thanks in advance


To answer your ? Bout scratches there’s only the usual from using it as my main stick and the only reason why it had the no middle screws is because I had the luck of the sticker getting inside the screw so I couldn’t unscrew properly if you want I can pm you some pics I’m not try a rip off anyone thanks for looking if u have any question just holla

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Are you willing to go lower ???