WTS: Mad Catz MLG TE Fightstick & mcz fightstick pro (xbox 360)


I have a brand new Mad Catz MLG Tournament Edition stick I need to sell. I will sell it for a total of 135 total. This includes the cost of shipping, pay-pal transaction, and everything else.


What’s the price on the MLG te?


$140 + 10 in shipping


Pictures of the MCZ Pro Fightstick?


ill get some pictures on by tonight or tommarow


Any luck on those pictures?


I have to burrow somebody elses phone to do it, I have a cheap prepaid phone. I have to work all weekend but get off early Sunday. So I’ll try and shoot for Sunday night.


I am interested in the Pro…


For everybody interested in the fightstick pro, i have finally gotten some pics. Sorry it took so long.


Sent a PM


ok, ill check it out


pm sent desu




ok the fightstick is sold, i still need to sell the MLG TE though