WTS : Mad Catz SE, T5 stick, Sanwa buttons, Balltops, Battop

Few things I’m not going to use so here goes.

Mad Catz SE stick for 360 - All 8 Buttons are White and the Artwork has been removed. Those scrape marks are NOT from me. Believe it or not, thats how it came from Mad Catz. Mad Catz craftsmanship at its best… Anyway, it’s ready for your Sanwa/Seimitsu parts and new artwork. Used 3 times. $60 shipped

T5 stick - Brought this to mod, but I got another one and modded it so I don’t need this anymore. Brand new. $40 shipped - Sold

Sanwa Button Set 1 - 6 30mm Sanwa buttons. Yellow Rims, Red Plungers. All ready for your Hulk Hogan stick!!! LOL The micro switches HAD solder on them, but I removed it with a desoldering braid and they can now use quick disconnects. $14 shipped

Sanwa Button Set 2 - 6 30mm Sanwa buttons. 2 Red, 2 Orange, 2 Yellow. The micro switches HAD solder on them, but I removed it with a desoldering braid and they can now use quick disconnects. $14 shipped

Balltops and a Battop - One Black, 2 Red, One Pink, One Grey, One Pink, One Yellow $5 shipped each. One Blue Bubble top $7 shipped. One Red Bat top with Adapter $9 shipped. I will throw in a washer with the ball tops for as long as I have them. I have more ball tops then I do washers so don’t get pissed if you don’t get one. The White one and the Green one are NOT for sale.

Thanks for looking!

Im interested in buying your:

  • Sanwa buttons set 1
  • And 2 of your Red sanwas in Set 2 if possible, if not thats ok
  • 1 red balltop

Total - $20 shipped? (if im looking at your prices correct). (Not adding your 2 red sanwas if your not selling em :P)

For the sanwa buttons are they certain that they will work properly on a TE stick?

my paypal has a confirmed addresss :]

and shipping cost to 90042? :smiley:

I’m thinking of thinking of putting in for that blue bubble top. I’ve given up on finding a blue mesh at a decent price. If its still around by the weekend, I think I’ll pick it up.

If the set doesn’t sell, then I’ll sell you the buttons. The prices I have listed are shipped. The buttons will fit in a TE. $20 is correct. :slight_smile:

Can u pend those items until the end of the day if not tommarow? Because i have to deposit money in the bank for funds lol and deposits dont go through until the next day. But i will surely buy them



Ok, T5 and Buttons set 1 pending.

T5 Sold

Buttons not yet sold, 1 Red ball top sold, price drop.