WTS: Mad Catz TE Stick Comic Con 2009 Xbox 360


Hey Guys,

Just wanted to see if I could sell this Mad Catz TE Stick comic con 2009 Sagat Edition.

Brand new in box so I dont know what the number is on the stick.

Looking for $250 shipped to anywhere in the US

Feel free to PM me any offers

EDIT: It is for Xbox 360



pics and what system?


There was a specific Sagat Edition of the Comic Con 2009 exclusive Mad Catz Arcade FightStick Tournament Editions? I’d like to see pics of this one too! I’ve never seen the Sagat edition, just the regular white and orange Comic Con one.


its just the comic con 1 that was to resemble sagats scar he got from ryu


ibeatu is right.

I will post pictures tonight. Thanks for looking and hopefully someone bites haha…


Oh, I see I see. Okay, in that case, then I’ve seen it already. :lol:


BUMP! Pics added