WTS: Mad Catz Tournament Edition Arcade Fight Stick PS3 PS3 BUY NOW ~!~!~!

I am selling a brand new in box PS3 TE Arcade Stick. IT IS IN MY POSSESSION and I can ship anywhere, any type of shipping.

$220 USD + shipping. FIRM


hmm maybe I should raise my price.

Hmm… I’m really considering this.

buy it now !

let this be a warning for everybody in here that isnt the OP. He can sell this for as much as he wants. If you got a problem with it, do not come in the thread and hijack it or shit allover the sale, i will ban you without hesitation. and considering about 90% of you in here are in my sights for a ban for violating this rule, it would be wise to stop now

you post in here, with no legitimate questions about the product, and no interest about the product, and just come in here with a random comment, ggpo for you

price bump. i bought 4 of these.

Sorry, I can’t PM yet otherwise I’d ask you there, but could you do one for $220 shipped?

i just shipped one today with priority mail shipping and it was 30$ to ship. so no i cant do that.

email me at wlofgren@gmail.com if u want more info.

Okay, sent you an e-mail.

id jump on this if it was 360 model… good luck on the sale!

240 shipped to Cali?

pm me. maybe we can work something out.

pm sent