WTS: Madcatz Arcade Retro Sticks ($20 shipped in U.S.)

5 of these new in box. I was able to snag them from gamestops and play and trades. 2 of the 5 boxes aren’t in the best shape, but they’re old and sat on shelves for years. From what I undersand, these are the easiest common ground pcbs to use for custom sticks and such. Note: These do not come with the frogger and other games on the cards. I gave these away to my friends so their kids could play them. The sticks have not been taken out of the casing.

Edit: 1 still pending. 4 have been sold already. 3 people on a waiting list. I will update this when I receive payment for the 5th stick.

Just a suggestion, might wanna lower the price just alittle. $3 dollars more and people can buy the madcatz “gamestop” controller that is CG, has a WAY smaller pcb and no shipping.

GL on your sale

They only cost $10 at gamestop, why so much? Rarity?

Yeah, only found 3 in CA according to gamestop, I had a friend pick up and send 2 up from LA. Lowered the price to $20 dollars since you bring up a good point AJ.

Gamestop told me they were discontinued. I can’t find them in WA. Would/could you wire them up?

i can wire them up for you mindz let me know if you do plan to wire them first

I need money for the case I’m buying, I’m not using these.

price dropped to 20 bucks shipped to the U.S.

I’ve noticed several of the standard size gamestop pads don’t work with virtua fighter 5 (any others?), but these retro ones do… just throwing that out there.

PM sent

Responded to the PM’s. All might be sold.