WTS: MadCatz Brawl Stick Case


Sold the JLF mounting plate and fastener JLF microswitches. Added new items.


Price drop on the Guilty Gear Xrd Sanwa button


  • MadCatz Brawl Stick case
  • ChImp SMD PCB
  • Hori Hayabusa joystick x2.
  • Sanwa clear buttons
  • USB cable


Sent you a PM.


Bump. Looking to get rid of the last four items!


Hi, I’m interested in your Hayabusa stick.
May I ask what model did it take apart from?
How much is the shipping to Chicago?


Hi, I pulled it from a very early run of the Hori Real Arcade Pro 4 Kai. Hope that helps. Shipping to Chicago is around $5. PM me if you are still interested.Thanks!


I’ll take it. Check your message box please.


Bump. Looking to get rid of the Brawl Stick Case by setting price to $15 flat. Basically: Pay for shipping and it’s yours. Thanks.