WTS: Madcatz Fightpad, Astro Mixamp, Razer Carcharias, Turtlebeach X1

Hello, I am Josh. I’m selling these things because I really don’t have that much money at all for what I want now. All these things I haven’t used for more than 10 hours, so they are basically new. I am willing to ship to Canada for an extra $5 only.

Astro Mixamp (2010)-Sold
Turtle Beach X1 w/ X11 Ear Pads and Microphone Foam- $40 shipped

I actually like these better than the X11 comfort wise and sound wise. It has a little more of a BUMP to it. So I bought new ear pads and mic foam. These have been used for about 10 hours, probably less.

Madcatz Fightpad- $25 shipped**
I build arcade sticks so I was going to use this fightpad to make one out of the circuit board, but I never had the time. So it was just left sitting there for like a couple months. My brother used it once or twice on Christmas and Christmas Eve, but that’s about it.

D-Link WBR-1310 Wireless Router (NEW)- $25 shipped
This Wireless G 4-Port Router has never been opened or used. It is still in its original plastic. Got it for a LAN, never used it.

Prices dropped on all items.

what TE pcb is it for… 360 or ps3

Sorry about that, I forgot. It’s for the Xbox 360.


TE PCB sold to kasprfoto

i know you sold the te pcb but did you sell the mic port from the te stick too?

What do you mean? The little mic accessory that comes with the TE so you could use your old mic? I have those if you really want one. I’ll give it for $8 shipped.

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Added Razer Carcharias


Added modded TB X1 headset.

Agetec Sold, payment received.


Added Astro Mixamp

Added Madcatz Fightpad and pics

Prices dropped.

Prices dropped on all items. Razer Carcharias are sold.

would you do 30 shipped to Canada for the fightpad?