WTS Madcatz Fightstick SE w/SANWA JLF-TP-8T and SANWA OBSF-30 Buttons. XBOX360


I am looking to upgrade to a PS3 edition Fightstick and would like to sell my current Fightstick for 360.

This is an original Madcatz Fightstick SE in really good condition, which I used for a while and then replaced the internals with all SANWA parts.

Everything works perfectly and I haven’t had any problems at all.

For SSFIV I am switching over to PS3 cause most of my friends don’t have 360’s and I’m not good enough to do the dual mod.

Please PM me any offers you have as long as they are reasonable.

I will accept paypal only to a confirmed address. If you are uncomfortable with just sending money, I could setup an ebay listing where I have 100% positive feedback over 108 transactions.

Thank You



Rules are you gotta state a price bro.



I would say $100


That almost made me spit my OJ all over my screen… GL on sale.


Well they are $89 brand new and I paid around $50 for the parts.

This is why I said to PM me a price… I don’t know what it’s worth.

Oh, and OJ’s hard to clean up, keep it off the screen. Glad to see your getting your vitamin C though


Well you can get TE’s for like 100 brand new, so you might want to price it slightly lower than that. You can get SE’s cheaper than 90 bucks if you search hard.


Got it…

Well someone pm me an offer if you are interested


actually last i checked the se for the 360 is going for around 50 dollars shipped on amazon…


They’re actually $45 with free shipping. Figure about another $24 for the buttons and $25 for the stick and you’ve got $94 for a new one.

I would say between 60-75 would be a good price. for a used one. Even a little more could be considered reasonable. Good luck selling.


Thank You